John Greaves

composer, singer, songwriter,
piano-player, bass-guitarist


  John and Georges at Supersonic
  Piacenza: New Release

 Live broadcast Radio France (podcast)
 Live broadcast Radio France (video)

Verlaine Gisant press reviews
 November 2018
November 30th: “Rock Bottom” with Annie Barbazza and the NSRO, Piacenza, Italy.
 December 2018
From 17th to 20th: Théâtre Molière, Scène Nationale de Sète et Train Théâtre à Portes-les-Valence
(18th Théâtre Molière and 20th Le Train-Théâtre)
December 21st: Petite Histoire Subjective de la Comédie Musicale, La Philharmonie de Paris.
 February 2019
February 6th and 7th: Le CentQuatre, Paris
 April 2019
April 5th: La Garance, Scène Nationale de Cavaillon
April 18th: Théâtre du Garde Chasse, Les Lilas
April 18 th: “Moondog” with Olivier Mellano, Thomas de Pourquery and Jarvis Cocker, Toulouse.
April 25 th: “Les Instants Chavirés”, with Fred Frith and Chris Cutler, Paris.
April 27th: Le Quai, CDN, Angers
 May 2019
May 7th: La Coursive, Scène Nationale de la Rochelle
 June 2019
June 4th: L'Estive, Scène Nationale de Foix