john greaves

 June 2017
June 17th: Solo: Cairo
 May 2017
May 4th: New Morning, Paris
May 26th: With Vincent Courtois, Bucharest
 March 2017
March 16th: Solo: Atelier du Plateau
March 30th: With Post Image, Le Rocher Palmer Bordeaux
March 23rd: With Post Image, Vernouillet
 January - June 2017
January 10th, Rêvons, c'est l'heure...
aux Rendez-Vous d'Ailleurs, Paris 20e.
John Greaves , Scott Taylor et Laurent Valero invitent la chanteuse Belle du Berry et David Lewis du célèbre groupe Paris Combo.
And also: February 14th, March 14th, April 11th, May 16th, June 13th.
With Olivier Mellano, Valérie Gabail, Denis Péan, Jeanne Added, David Lewis, Belle du Berry, Silvain Vanot, Bertrand Belin, Rodolphe Burger, ...
109, rue des Haies - 75020 Paris - Reservations 01 40 09 15 57.
 December 2016
December 7th, Opening for dear Jeanne Added
at the Elysée Montmartre, Paris.
 November 2016
November 5th, with Vincent Courtois & Mark Nauseef.
Sarajevo Jazz Festival.
 October 2016
October 22nd, with Vincent Courtois.
RAMI Festival, Orléans.
October 23rd, solo concert
 September 2016
September 10th, with Vincent Courtois and Sophia Domancich.
La Fête de l’Humanité. Paris.
 June 2016
June 18th, with Sophia Domancich.
Le Triton. Paris. les Lilas.
June 17th, with Tim Hodgkinson, Yumi Hara & Geraldine Swayne.
London. Iklectic.
 May 2016
May 9th, with John Rose & Chris Cutler.
Café Oto, London.
May 14st, solo.
Fasano, Italy.
May 21st, Verlaine Gisant.
Abbaye de Fontevraud.
 February 2016
February 26th, with the Artaud Beats.
Vinterjazz festival, Copenhagen.
 November 2015
November 5th: with Snakes ans Ladders (Opéra de Reims).
November 6th: Words & music, with Sophia Domancich (piano) at 20:30. Reservation:
November 27th: at La Fabbrica 54, Larzano, Rivergaro (PC) - 20:30
 October 2015
Album release: “Piacenza”. Solo Live. Voice & Piano.
 September 2015
September 8th : New album Verlaine Gisant release.
September 12th (20:00) : Concert Jazz à la Villette, Paris.
 July 2015
July 13th : With Post Image Bordeaux.
 June 2015
June 5th : With The Artaud Beats: Le Triton, Les Lilas, Paris.
 May 2015
22 May : Solo: Piacenza, Italy.
28 and 29 May : AngelicA Festival, Bologna Italy.
With Peter Blegvad, Dagmar Krause, Karen Mantler and Chris Cutler.
 April 2015
25 April : Concert for the “Verlaine Gisant” album release, au Studio 105 de La Maison de la Radio, Paris. Contact : - +33 6 03 37 46 13.
With Elise Caron, Jeanne Added, Thomas de Pourquery, Eve Risser, Guillaume Roy, Olivier Mellano and Régis Boulard.
Live broadcast Radio France : podcast.
 June 2015
June 5th : With The Artaud Beats: Le Triton, Les Lilas, Paris.
 New album soon: Verlaine Gisant
Signature/France Musique
Texts: Emmanuel Tugny
Vocals: Elise Caron, Jeanne Added, Thomas de Pourquery, John Greaves
Piano: Eve Risser
Viola: Guillaume Roy
Guitar: Olivier Mellano
Percussion: Leon Milo
Drums: Régis Boulard
Some pieces:
 January 2015
9 January : at l'Atelier du Son by Thomas Baumgartner. France Culture.
17 January : invited by Philippe Djian and le Professeur Inlassable. Auditorium du Louvre.
23 January : au Triton, Les Lilas, Paris. Concert Solo. Piano/Voice.
24 January : Aulnay sous Bois, Paris. Invited by Vincent Courtois.
 November 2014
Solo: Tokyo 11/11/2014
Solo: Kyoto 12/11/2014
With The Artaud Beats: Kobe 13/11/2014
With The Artaud Beats: Tokyo 15/11/2014
The Lindsay Cooper memorial concert: London Barbican 21/11/2014
The Lindsay Cooper memorial concert: Huddersfield 22/11/2014
The Lindsay Cooper memorial concer: Flori, Italy 23/11/2014
 September 2014
With The Artaud Beats: Carmaux 20/09/2014
With The Artaud Beats: Newhaven 13/09/2014
 In the pipeline
Himiko sings Greaves
With Sophia Domancich, Bernard Paganotti and Simon Goubert.
New songs
With Olivier Mellano, Vincent Segal and Cyril Atef.