John Greaves

composer, singer, songwriter,
piano-player, bass-guitarist


  John and Georges at Supersonic
  Piacenza: New Release

 Live broadcast Radio France (podcast)
 Live broadcast Radio France (video)

Verlaine Gisant press reviews
 February 2018
February 9th: Café Oto, London
with Peter Blegvad.
 April 2018
April 17th: Rennes
“Superfolia” with Olvier Mellano.
 June 2018
June 1st: Le 104 Paris
"On a dit qu’on fait un spectacle”.
June 23rd: Le Triton, Paris
with Sophia Domancich, Simone Goubert, Himiko and Bernard Paganotti.
June 30th: L’Abbaye de Noirlac
Gabriel Fauré with Elise Caron, Himiko Paganotti, Rosemary Stanley.
 July 2018
July 21st: Zappanale Festival, Germany
The Lindsay Cooper Tribute.
 August 2018
August 26th: Bran Castle, Rumania
with Fred Frith and Vincent Courtois.